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Spain will advance from the 2014 World Cup group stage

The Spanish national team will advance out of the group stage in the 2014 World Cup.

Bet outcome: No
  • Category:Sports
  • Bet started:3 weeks 10 hours ago (12-06-2014)
  • Bet closed: 1 week 6 days ago (21-06-2014)
  • Resolved: 1 week 6 days ago (21-06-2014)
  • Weighted No: 19`965
  • Weighted Yes: 16`979
  • Confirmed bets: 6 ( No: 4  /  Yes: 2 )
  • Histograph: Histograph
12-06-14 17:35 Yes 99`879 0.08000000 17Xyh 0.00000000 19YgU
12-06-14 17:35 No 99`879 0.02000000 17xYh 0.03762987 15Zz2
13-06-14 20:52 No 89`959 0.04000000 182nh 0.07171801 17BxL
13-06-14 21:04 No 89`886 0.10000000 182c4 0.17922987 1D7og
13-06-14 21:04 Yes 89`886 0.10000000 17zyQ 0.00000000 1Az9J
13-06-14 21:39 No 89`670 0.06000000 182VN 0.10742224 18cAY
18-06-14 20:42 Refund 46`230 0.25000000 18aJP 0.24750000 1CWhJ
18-06-14 20:54 Refund 46`156 0.02365324 18AKG 0.02341671 15Zz2
18-06-14 21:31 Refund 45`935 0.10000000 18AKS 0.09900000 18cAY
18-06-14 21:45 Refund 45`847 0.20000000 18aLx 0.19800000 1MvSK
18-06-14 22:00 Refund 45`754 0.80000000 18AMf 0.79200000 1MvSK
19-06-14 14:07 Refund 39`875 0.05512414 18aR1 0.05457290 1BNE6
19-06-14 16:13 Refund 39`107 2.00000000 18arp 1.98000000 1AeCo
  • #3114: Spain are out! 18-06-14 at 20:57

    Spain just lost to Chile. They cannot qualify now. Should be settled NO.


    #3115: Anonymous 18-06-14 at 21:17


    You are absolutely incorrect. Spain can still qualify.

    #3119: Anonymous 18-06-14 at 21:32


    You are wrong. Spain cannot qualify.

    Netherlands and Chile have both won 2 games, and now both have 6 points in the group.

    Spain (currently 0 points) can get a maximum of 3 points by winning their next game.

    This bet should be settled No.

    #3120: Anonymous 18-06-14 at 21:38

    No. Spain can still qualify if Chile or Netherlands is disqualified for any reason. Unlikely, but possible.

    #3121: Anonymous 18-06-14 at 23:09

    Spain was eliminated the moment the game ended, both Chile and Netherlands have clinched.

    #3122: Anonymous 18-06-14 at 23:10

    Should be closed, if not resolved.

    #3124: Anonymous 18-06-14 at 23:16

    Should be closed, if not resolved.

    #3127: Anonymous 19-06-14 at 03:55

    This and most of the other "advance from the group stage" statements are pointless if betting is allowed after teams are either eliminated from or clinch a spot in the next round.

    #3129: Anonymous 19-06-14 at 08:26

    I created these bets. Should have set them to close the day of the second match. Sorry…

    #3135: Anonymous 19-06-14 at 19:55

    Is your math taught by your gym teacher?

    #3142: Anonymous 20-06-14 at 01:58

    All bets after post #3114 should get refunded with the usual 1% fee.

    This is typically how bitbet operates for bets that are decided before they are closed.

    #3143: Anonymous 20-06-14 at 02:01

    and they are usually quite punctual, as long as they don’t have 60 microbets to tend to.

    #3144: Anonymous 20-06-14 at 02:08

    Not sure if the late monkeys are new to bitbet, but after the bet resolves, the mods take the usual 1% fee from any bet and refund the rest.

    If you’re not careful, and the bet is closed while your btc are in transit (before the bet registers) you lose ALL of those btc.

    Risking 2 to win .0x not quite worth it.

    #3145: Anonymous 20-06-14 at 02:10

    Thanks to #3114 for providing a time of resolution.

    I’m the #3115 derp who does bad math (thought they could longshot point differential their way in).

    But #3114 is correct. The bet should be resolved then.

    #3151: Anonymous 20-06-14 at 05:56

    The bet is not resolved. Spain can technically still qualify if Netherlands or Chile is disqualified from the World Cup for some reason.

    #3155: Anonymous 20-06-14 at 14:22



    Adding the word "technically" in front of something doesn’t make it true.

    #3157: Anonymous 20-06-14 at 17:58

    these bets should have closed before the first round of group match.

    #3160: Anonymous 20-06-14 at 19:46

    #3157 it’s fine that the bets are open into group play. Time weight rewards those who bet earlier. Some have been resolved though, and people have tried betting after a resolution has been decided.

    I’d wager they will have their bets refunded less 1% per FAQ

    #3164: Anonymous 21-06-14 at 11:07

    There’s been quite a few wagers after the outcome is known on these cup bets.

    IMO, they should’ve been closed before any second match begun, that’d allow time for people to bet with some information from game 1 but still not know the outcome.

    #3165: Anonymous 21-06-14 at 18:28

    #3164 The outcome is really not know for certain. i.e. spain is not eliminated until Netherlands and Chile advance. there is still possibility of teams getting disqualified — even though it is extremely unlikely

    #3166: Anonymous 21-06-14 at 20:36

    #3164, Moreover, you need to read this discussion:


    #3169: Anonymous 22-06-14 at 05:14

    The outcome IS known for certain.

    Saying it is not is the equivalent of betting on an individual game only to have it retroactively revoked.

    If you bet that Argentina would win today, and they do, you don’t need to wait until the end of group play to see if they’re disqualified, do you?

    Likewise, once teams are MATHEMATICALLY ELIMINATED, as in Spain’s case, there is NO QUESTION as to the result. It’s resolved the moment they are mathematically eliminated.

    #3170: Anonymous 22-06-14 at 05:22


    re: log.bitcoin-assets

    The closing time is irrelevant to the time a bet is resolved, or in bitbet’s words, "satisfied"


    Some bets are closed with no known resolution as of now, while some remain open with a known resolution.

    The fact is, if the outcome of a bet is known (e.g. mathematically eliminated/guaranteed) all bets following are subject to refund less 1% fee.

    #3171: Anonymous 22-06-14 at 05:45

    #3169, none of the bets are for "Argentina to win today". They’re for qualifying. That happens when it happens, not when you think it will definitely happen.

    #3170 pretty much has it.

    #3174: Anonymous 22-06-14 at 18:39

    It has nothing to do with what someone thinks will happen, it has everything to do when it becomes a mathematical certainty that it will, or in Spain’s case, will not.

    Post #3114 pointed out correctly that they were mathematically eliminated, that is, the conditions of the wager were satisfied.

    #3175: Anonymous 22-06-14 at 21:08

    But it is still not guaranteed that Spain is out. Mathematically certainty means it has to be absolute. And it is not absolute until they are actually eliminated.