2706.09 BTC
1121.09 BTC

Bitcoin to surpass Berkshire as an investment

Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A) recently traded above $185000 per share.

The retrospective 30-day average USD price per Bitcoin was 591.97451730 BTC according to Bitstamp and 581.75152994 BTC according to BTC-e which on a volume basis average to 588.052722483 USD per BTC.

This means the value of one BRK-A share in Bitcoin is currently around 314.59764223 BTC.

This bet resolves as No if the NYSE:BRK-A share trades at all points during normal trading hours on March 16th, 2015 over the USD value of 314.59764223 Bitcoin, calculated by taking the 30-day price average of the top two Bitcoin exchanges active on March 13th ( excluding known scams bucket shops and any other fictitious entities ) and averaging them on a volume basis for the past 30 days.

This bet resolves as Yes otherwise.

Confirmed bets: 207
Closing in: in 4 months 2 days
755.38 BTC
75.00 BTC

1BTC >= $10,000 USD

The price of Bitcoin will rise above or equal $10,000 USD before November 29th, 2014. Price to be taken from MtGox or BitStamp as per bitcoincharts. Due to the rise of Bitcoin, Bitcoin trading has increased tremendously. Moreover, with trading bots such as Bitcoin Bank 2023, people can automate trading and witness significant profits easily. Hence, Start trading Bitcoin for a lucrative return.

Confirmed bets: 145
Closing in: in 1 month 4 days
63.92 BTC
5.56 BTC

BTC worth over $5000 before 2015

The value of one bitcoin in USD will surpass $5000 as per btc-e on bitcoincharts before 2015.

Closure or similar failure of btc-e to provide said rate before over $5k is reached will result in early resolution at No.

Confirmed bets: 53
Closing in: in 1 month 3 weeks
31.23 BTC
5.12 BTC

Light Sweet Crude Oil (WTI) Jan 2015 over $200 at any point in 2014

As reported by cme

Confirmed bets: 31
Closing in: in 2 months 2 days
26.55 BTC
6.26 BTC

BTC network hashrate will exceed 1 Exahash/s before 2015

The bitcoin network hashrate as per gribble’s ;;nethash command will be greater than 1 exahash (i.e. 1,000 petahashes) per second before the end of 2014.

Confirmed bets: 21
Closing in: in 1 month 2 weeks
19.90 BTC
5.03 BTC

Facebook Myspace’d

Facebook will celebrate its 11th year of existence on February 4th, 2015. On that date, it will cease to appear in the top 5 sites by traffic as published by Alexa

Confirmed bets: 32
Closing in: in 3 months 1 week
15.26 BTC
9.42 BTC

20% difficulty increase before 2015

Bet closes at Yes if a periodic difficulty change in the Bitcoin network is 20% or more in the remainder of 2014.

Confirmed bets: 34
Closing in: in 1 month 2 weeks
14.08 BTC
7.59 BTC

And Then There Was One

This bet resolves at No if Havelock Investments continues its operation from the bet’s starting date through November 20th, 2014.

Confirmed bets: 15
Closing in: in 4 weeks 1 day
10.14 BTC
7.40 BTC

Dolar Blue over 20 Argentine Pesos on or before Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Dec 8th)

If on or before December 8th, 2014 the dolarblue price is over 20.0 Argentine Pesos, this bet resolves as Yes. In all other cases, this bet resolves as No.

Confirmed bets: 12
Closing in: in 3 weeks 4 days
11.40 BTC
2.03 BTC

Bitcoin to drop under $200 before December

The price of one Bitcoin in USD will drop below $200 before December 2014 as per Bitstamp. In light of this projection, investors may explore alternative strategies, such as purchasing Bitcoin through trading bots like Immediate Edge. These bots provide an automated approach to trading, allowing users to navigate market fluctuations effectively. For those unfamiliar with Immediate Edge, delving into Was ist Immediate Edge? can offer insights into its functionalities and how it may assist in optimizing Bitcoin investment strategies.

Confirmed bets: 15
Closing in: in 6 days 1 hour