8.97 BTC
2.75 BTC

Bitcoin Block Larger Than 1Mb to be mined in 2016

If a bitcoin block strictly larger than 1000000 bytes (1 MB) gets mined on the main chain and subsequently receives more than 100 confirmations before December 31st 2016 at midnight GMT included, this bet resolves as "Yes".

For any other outcome, including but not limited to the event "Block Larger Than 1MB gets mined but gets orphaned before receiving 100 confirmations", this bet resolves as "No".

Should a block strictly larger than 1Mb get mined, betting will close immediately and all bets received after the event (where "received" means "bet transaction gets one confirmation on the bitcoin network") will be refunded, minus BitBet's fee.

Should the outcome of this bet somehow be contentious, for example if two independent forks of the blockchain should develop, the BitBet admin team will adjudicate the outcome of the bet, including a potential full refund (minus BitBet's fee) if the two forks happen to have about equivalent mining power working on them.

Addendum 1: "block size" is defined to be the total number of bytes included in a block, (including any "witness data" included in the block if the segregated data soft fork happens to launch by then).

Addendum 2: we have clarified the early closing conditions: betting will close as soon as a block larger than 1Mb is mined, not after 100 confirmations.

Confirmed bets: 15
Closing in: in 3 weeks 1 day
5.25 BTC
1.20 BTC

BTC price to surpass 1 oz. Gold before April 2017

If the USD price of one Bitcoin rises above the USD price of one troy ounce of gold (31.10.. grams) at any time on or before March 31st 2017 UTC, this contract resolves as YES.

The resolution sources shall be Bitstamp for Bitcoin prices and GoldPrice.org for Gold prices.

Should the resolution event occur prior to April 1st 2017, all "YES" bets received within a two week period prior to the event will be refunded, minus BitBet's standard fee.

Should Bitstamp.net or GoldPrice.org have failed or gone rogue, suitable replacement resolution sources shall be selected by the BitBet admin team.

The text of this bet was amended on Jul. 5th 2016 UTC to properly reflect the contract creator's original intent to exclude April 1st 2017.

Confirmed bets: 11
Closing in: in 3 months 3 weeks


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