7.10 BTC
2.62 BTC

Labcoins own 130nm design sample chips will be received by testers by 12TH SEPT 2013

Labcoin’s own 130nm ASIC’s are due from foundry August 28th 2013. Sample chips should reasonably be expected within 14 days from that date (cutoff period 12-09-2013 18:00 GMT). Bet resolves as Yes if there are at least 5 actual credible forum members (PR outlets and known shills specifically excluded) that credibly show their sample ASIC chip working to specification. Photos, screen shots, the testimony of respected community members count towards proof. Bet resolves as No otherwise.

Bet outcome: No
  • Category:Bitcoin
  • Bet started:3 months 3 weeks ago (25-08-2013)
  • Bet closed: 3 months 1 week ago (06-09-2013)
  • Resolved: 3 months 1 week ago (12-09-2013)
  • Weighted No: 467`773
  • Weighted Yes: 145`457
  • Confirmed bets: 22 ( No: 12  /  Yes: 10 )
  • Histograph: Histograph
25-08-13 12:38 Yes 99`904 0.02000000 1277C 0.00000000 1Q3uo
25-08-13 12:38 No 99`904 0.08000000 12778 0.12358050 1F5xm
25-08-13 13:25 No 99`623 0.30000000 127BP 0.46295876 1K4Fs
25-08-13 14:37 Yes 99`187 0.20000000 127Dv 0.00000000 13RnJ
26-08-13 14:33 No 90`500 0.10405277 128eo 0.15530259 1BASZ
26-08-13 15:17 Yes 90`234 0.00070000 128Bh 0.00000000 1B6PN
26-08-13 15:17 No 90`234 0.00070000 128ay 0.00104374 1B6PN
26-08-13 17:41 No 89`365 0.25000000 128HF 0.37155857 1Nyt9
28-08-13 11:28 No 74`205 5.00000000 129S2 7.01026223 1JAVQ
28-08-13 11:39 Yes 74`141 0.03000000 129Tr 0.00000000 1Casp
28-08-13 17:06 No 72`164 0.00200000 128p4 0.00278143 16Pa5
28-08-13 19:14 Yes 71`387 0.10000000 12A2U 0.00000000 1QGDq
29-08-13 11:20 Yes 65`546 0.02202964 12AcZ 0.00000000 1Casp
29-08-13 16:54 Yes 63`527 0.65000000 12aG4 0.00000000 1J2xy
31-08-13 17:42 Yes 45`822 1.50000000 12AX8 0.00000000 16Wus
02-09-13 21:11 Yes 27`142 0.10000000 12bLG 0.00000000 1Nc5Y
03-09-13 04:07 No 24`626 0.01000000 12BQm 0.01126745 13tQ6
03-09-13 15:40 No 20`436 0.99880000 12c7q 1.10215475 1NfXM
03-09-13 17:23 No 19`815 0.10000000 12cAM 0.11000305 19JB2
03-09-13 17:50 No 19`651 0.15696442 12Caz 0.17252271 124eg
04-09-13 14:58 Yes 11`984 0.00100000 12cJ5 0.00000000 13gWM
04-09-13 15:29 No 11`793 0.10000000 12cJe 0.10554852 133t8
  • Bitcoinorama 26-08-13 at 09:12

    It’s a YES from me

    Anonymous 26-08-13 at 10:51

    So far all Labcoin is worth is a few Bitcents.

    TheSwede75 26-08-13 at 18:40

    My vote went on yes (admittedly I’m a little biased) 😛

    twentyseventy 26-08-13 at 19:07

    Haha good on you, Swede!

    Anonymous 26-08-13 at 19:23

    TheSwede75 doesn’t seems to realize betting isn’t voting or have put much on the line…

    Anonymous 27-08-13 at 13:22

    That’s okay, in his imaginary world anything can be anything else. It’s the appeal of the scammer’s mind.

    zefyr0s 28-08-13 at 11:54

    UPDATE: Chips already arrived with labcoin, right on schedule !! https://btct.co/security/LABCOIN

    Anonymous 28-08-13 at 17:30

    No pics from Scamlab?

    Anonymous 28-08-13 at 17:31

    No pics, no Bitcoin, just text.

    take a gamble 28-08-13 at 20:44

    where is all the confident investors hiding?

    Anonymous 29-08-13 at 02:57

    labcoin is laying, many of their document can be proof as fake.

    Anonymous 29-08-13 at 03:58

    take a gamble: it seems even 15:1 isn’t good enough odds to get Scamcoin to put a Bitcoin where their mouth is. Lawl.

    Anonymous 29-08-13 at 17:07

    TheSwede posting here is not TheSwede from Labcoin’s PR, https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=263445.msg3036303#msg3036303 . Also, Labcoin never said they would be doing anything stated in the bet. Sorry to tell you guys but you’ve been scammed and the scummy fuckers who run BitBet have been complicit in it yet again.

    Anonymous 29-08-13 at 17:17

    Derp. Labcoin didn’t say it was going to do anything whatsoever, right? All they do is post on forums, not make chips or anything. Pass the coolaid brother.

    Anonymous 29-08-13 at 17:31

    Anonymous basically they got few thousand IC from fab yet they take a shopped photo of 2 from cut looks legit..

    Anonymous 29-08-13 at 18:04

    If Labcoin said they would send sample ASICs to 5 credible forum members, you’ll have no problem providing a link to where they made that claim. So, give us the link or stop trying to scam people.

    Anonymous 29-08-13 at 19:18

    Anonymous: it was one of the first things said if you would take the time to read it was right around the time he claimed he would be giving free USB miners out in august and has since been mentioned multiple times Problem is- he doesn’t have any ASIC’s in hands to give out contrary to what he’s claimed

    Anonymous 29-08-13 at 19:39

    You are not allowed to remember things scammers said earlier. Please keep your eyes trained strictly on whatever they’re pointing at today.

    Anonymous 29-08-13 at 21:32

    I would take the time to read it if you provided a link to it. You wont provide a link though because you can’t provide a link. You can’t provide a link because you just made the statement up yourself in order to scam people. Prove me wrong by providing a link.

    Anonymous 29-08-13 at 21:35

    Congratulations BitBet on allowing and actively promoting yet another scam bet. Those of you who actually use this betting service run by scammers need your head testing.

    Anonymous 29-08-13 at 22:48

    So Labcoin is not a scam because everyone saying it’s a scam is a scammer that needs his head examined? Good shit.

    Anonymous 29-08-13 at 22:51

    When you got no chips to show gotta make do with what you can. Channeling Inaba, calling everyone everything, all that good stuff.

    Anonymous 30-08-13 at 08:17

    Anonymous here- http://pastie.org/8282762 maybe you are same guy who gave your money to BFL..lol. Maybe one day you’d realise specifications for the chip are insane and not achievable in any way. simply watch and wait for the excuses coming up

    Anonymous 30-08-13 at 13:45

    To the person who posted the link, it doesn’t say anything about sending any ASIC samples to forum members for proof of existence. What Labcoin have actually said, is that they have 3-4 Th/s and mining will start no later than the 10th of September. The person who created the bet knows that Labcoin do not intend to ship ASIC samples to 5 forum members for validation. They’re counting on the person placing a bet to interpret it as Labcoin having said they would ship samples to 5 forum members.

    Anonymous 30-08-13 at 21:28

    "We will contact mining operations/DYI projects that have already gotten in touch with us shortly for addresses for sample chips""…."From these chips some will be send to DYI projects and parties that have expressed interest in volume orders"…I think it says it very clearly.. but that’s beside the point since they DO NOT have 2500 chips to hand and therefore cannot take photo of reels and cannot send out to anyone the best they can do is get TheSwede75 to shill. regardless of whether they did the realistic specifications are more like 150-250MH/s as the chip would actually catch fire with the specifications labcoins made up.What will probably actually happen is they will buy a few bitfurys and bring few hundred gh-few TH online and post a few divs to shut everyone up whilst making excuses- after that their endgame is anyones guess.. just watch and see

    Anonymous 31-08-13 at 01:21

    Sounds about right.

    Anonymous 01-09-13 at 04:29

    Glad to see more BTC coming in on the ‘YES’ side – more BTC for me 🙂

    Anonymous 01-09-13 at 13:05

    It was getting ridiculous, 15:1 against or whatever it was.

    hello friends 02-09-13 at 17:19

    come friends, welcome to send some more money to my pokets….

    Anonymous 02-09-13 at 21:53

    Are you a complete spaz or something? The bet text says 5 credible forum members for validation. The text you posted says LC will be sending chips to mining operations/DIY projects and nothing about forum members or validating the chips. Yes, LC will be sending sample chips to people, but not to 5 forum members for validation. The bet will clearly resolve to "no" because its conditions were created by a troll in order to scam idiots incapable of reading and understanding English. Go and ask Labcoin’s PR – TheSwede75 (not the imposter in this thread) if they plan on sending samples to 5 forum members for validation. He will tell you himself that they do not. This bet is just a scam.

    sort yourself out 02-09-13 at 23:59

    where do you think that was exclusively written.. on a bitcoin forum..to an audience of bitcoin miners and those interested in DYI projects…so don’t you think…you know, maybe the people reading would be a member of that forum? huh?? who the fuck else would they send it too? if i was your dad i would of hit you and told you never say something so stupid again

    Anonymous 03-09-13 at 05:26

    Wait, so Labcoin chief scammer announced officially that they have no chips? Cool.

    Bunch of lunatics 03-09-13 at 09:42

    Labcoin will not be sending samples to 5 forum members for validation, and have never said they would. The only person who has said they would is the scammer who started this bet. Even if you believe Labcoin will be hashing this week and me a massive success, if you’re going to bet, you should bet "No". This site is scummy as fuck. The owners know this bet is a scam as the MPOE whore was actively trying to promote it on the Labcoin thread until she/he got told.

    Anonymous 03-09-13 at 15:04

    Dude, shut up already. Either they have the chips or they don’t. If they do they can show them, and that means to people, and that means they will be seen. If they don’t they can’t, and that means they keep coming to post nonsense here, and to the forum, and anywhere else. THERE IS NO MASSIVE SUCCESS OUTSIDE OF SATISFYING THIS BET. Indifferent of what may be claimed, the Yes here is the success.

    Anonymous 03-09-13 at 15:05

    labcoin have said repeatedly they will send out chips- to someone other than their own shill. you know the 2500 which are supposedly sitting on their desk right now waiting to be stuck on PCBs by the 10th…they can post a few today and they will be delivered in a few days max and bet will resolve as YES the only reason they wouldn’t be able to do so is if the chips don’t exist- no other excuse, no other explanation. hey even BFL delivered.. that’s really about as simple as it gets

    Anonymous 03-09-13 at 15:05

    Why do the blabcoin shills keep talking about the trollforum? How is that involved in any of this at all?

    Anonymous 03-09-13 at 15:07

    > Why do the blabcoin shills keep talking about the trollforum? How is that involved in any of this at all? They don’t know that lol. Too stupid to read shit, know shit, figure shit out etc.

    Anonymous 03-09-13 at 15:14

    labcoin puppet too busy getting concerned with 100th downtime.. and labcoin ringmaster too busy crying over his AM losses

    Anonymous 03-09-13 at 17:18

    The bet has nothing to do with whether LC have working samples or whether they start mining by the 10th. The bet is specific, LC must send samples to 5 forum members for validation, yet LC have no intent on doing so, and have never said they would.

    Anonymous 03-09-13 at 18:37

    There could be some serious BTC made with a YES bet. Hmm..

    Anonymous 04-09-13 at 01:29

    The bet can’t resolve to yes. It’s judged by MPOE who doesn’t find anyone on the bitcoin forum credible, except MPOE-PR of course.

    Anonymous 04-09-13 at 16:37

    The bitfury bet came out yes…

    I was shocked 10-09-13 at 04:46

    We’re still considering some business aspects, including only focusing on the upcoming 65nm version for what concerns bulk chip sales…<< so convenient

    Anonymous 10-09-13 at 11:04

    Herp. No chips for now but in the future definitely!

    Anonymous 11-09-13 at 23:06

    Go ahead and resolve this one, please

    Anonymous 11-09-13 at 23:54

    Resolution: in 5 minutes 48 seconds Gettin close

    Anonymous 12-09-13 at 00:28

    Yep, jumped the gun. Now pay me my monneh

    Anonymous 12-09-13 at 00:34

    Lmao bunch of forum dusters. Spilled five billion words over this crap, barely touched 10BTC in bets. GET JOBS LOSERS.