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Bitfury EU August orders will ship before 1st September 2013

Bitfurystrikesback.com (Bitfury EU reseller) will ship their 25 and 400 gigahash mining units before 1st of September 2013. Devices must meet advertised performance (25 GH/s unit 40W, 400 GH/s unit 400W) in order to be accepted as valid. Atleast 5 deliveries confirmed by respected members of the community required.

Bet outcome: Yes
Even if not a very clear cut case, all technicalities aside the bet was substantially delivered upon.
  • Category:Bitcoin
  • Bet started:3 years 4 months ago (25-08-2013)
  • Bet closed: 3 years 3 months ago (30-08-2013)
  • Resolved: 3 years 3 months ago (01-09-2013)
  • Weighted No: 615`780
  • Weighted Yes: 1`126`792
  • Confirmed bets: 17 ( No: 11  /  Yes: 6 )
  • Histograph: Histograph
25-08-13 12:38 Yes 99`741 0.04000000 12753 0.07751448 1B4J8
25-08-13 12:38 No 99`741 0.06000000 1274H 0.00000000 1F5xm
25-08-13 12:38 Yes 99`741 10.00000000 126YD 19.37862212 1B4J8
25-08-13 13:25 Yes 99`020 1.00000000 127b1 1.93101037 1K4Fs
25-08-13 13:38 No 98`813 1.00000000 127di 0.00000000 16naY
25-08-13 14:18 No 98`193 0.10000000 127Dk 0.00000000 17iZ9
26-08-13 14:33 No 75`658 0.10383000 128d7 0.00000000 1BASZ
27-08-13 03:18 No 63`817 0.30000000 128p9 0.00000000 1J6Z1
27-08-13 05:50 No 61`470 0.05250000 128rH 0.00000000 14QEx
27-08-13 14:35 No 53`334 1.00000000 128z9 0.00000000 1MNzh
27-08-13 15:42 No 52`307 6.00000000 128z9 0.00000000 1MNzh
27-08-13 17:40 No 50`476 2.00000000 12945 0.00000000 15bNy
28-08-13 13:35 Yes 31`967 0.12000000 129x6 0.15525479 124eg
29-08-13 04:08 No 18`453 0.15000000 12acc 0.00000000 1D4QY
29-08-13 14:36 Yes 8`732 1.00000000 12AEM 1.07298225 1Haj7
29-08-13 16:34 Yes 6`902 2.00000000 12AFk 2.11118266 121HP
29-08-13 23:09 No 779 0.05000000 12aHZ 0.00000000 18Tr7
  • #1259: Anonymous 27-08-13 at 12:50

    LOL so easy win, just few days and they haven't shipped yet.

    #1262: Anonymous 27-08-13 at 22:39

    Someone's pretty freaking confident they will, to the tune of 10 BTC.

    #1265: Anunomis 28-08-13 at 16:29

    People already receiving units. Just a few confirmations short.

    #1266: amirite 28-08-13 at 17:19

    but the chips don't meet advertised performance..

    #1269: Anonymous 28-08-13 at 17:31

    Apparently the devices do.

    #1270: Anonymous 28-08-13 at 18:11

    devices meet the promised performance very well, 54 watts _from the wall_ for 68 gigahash/s.

    #1271: amiwrong 28-08-13 at 19:35

    yes but a 400GH unit is not 400GH and 25GH unit is not 25GH, not advertised specs

    #1273: Anonymous 28-08-13 at 21:38

    Specs are just as advertised.. Performance meets advertised performance 100%, in fact it's a lot better!

    #1274: Anonymous 28-08-13 at 21:48

    As you can see, it states that the _performance_ must meet the specs - and it does. Performance = GH/W.

    #1275: 2HashFast2BitFurious 29-08-13 at 00:39

    if devices shipped with hash rate of 200gh instead of 400gh would you not say the devices performed exactly to spec?

    if we are talking about my sexual performance for example- it's not just my superb endurance but about my high speed drilling technique

    'a task or operation seen in terms of how successfully it is performed:'

    'the capabilities of a machine, product, or vehicle:'

    IE all round suit to taks..It seems to me like the description is not clear- perhaps should say 'power efficiency' if we are only talking GH/W

    #1278: Facts 29-08-13 at 05:10

    If customers receive the hash rate they ordered (=device). And GH/W is what it was supposed to be, the order has been satisfied. You can talk about semantics, but that is the facts.

    #1279: Cat Facts 29-08-13 at 08:51

    Thanks facts. understood

    #1280: Anonymous 29-08-13 at 13:45

    If you say the bet is NO because they sent what they promised in two boxes rather than one isn't it like saying the bet is NO because the box is too long? Or painted the wrong color?

    #1281: Anonymous 29-08-13 at 15:02

    This bet is a no.

    As per the statement "Devices must meet advertised performance (25 GH/s unit 40W, 400 GH/s unit 400W) in order to be accepted as valid."

    The reason they shipped out additional hardware, is because the devices DID NOT MEET advertised performance.

    #1282: Facts 29-08-13 at 15:05

    No single device met advertised performance.

    Whether they gave additional hardware, refunded money, or send strippers to their customers houses, is irrelevant.

    #1283: DuckTape 29-08-13 at 15:15

    What is a "single device". These are modular HW after all. Its not like its a single device anyway. They ship in a box that contains multiple parts that u have to put together. Is it a "single device" if the boards touch? What does it mean that the boards touch? In reality nothing is "touching" at the subatomic scale. Like said. Semantics.

    #1284: Anonymous 29-08-13 at 16:29

    I've commented here now a few times, will say it again: It's only semantics - I don't really see it being a "no" for the advertised performance part since that requirement IS met. They ship absolutely the hashrate what they promised. The customer gets the hashrate he bought and the hashrate uses promised watts. And you MUST see here that actual values are A LOT better than promised.

    #1285: Anonymous 29-08-13 at 16:53

    They are only modular within the case. The M-board can fit 16 H-cards which were advertised at running 25Gh. No Semantics. Just facts. Punin has admitted that each H-card is underperforming by up to 20%.

    This means that a 400Gh unit will only hash around 320Gh in a unit.

    A 'unit' is a device that encompasses hardware that fits in 1 single case.

    For example, I live in a small studio apartment, and don't have room for another case of hardware. I wanted 400Gh in 1 self-contained unit only. I will not recieve this, and do not want additional hardware as compensation. I will ask for a pro-rated REFUND

    They have missed this specification. Its nice to see them offering more hardware as a refund to make up for it. But the actual devices themselves have missed specifications.


    #1286: EasiestWinEver 29-08-13 at 16:58

    Clearly they shipped advertised product in time. Only thing which might fail this bet is if this scam site decides to followe some vague terms like:
    -not specified if every unit must be shipped
    -does shipping mean shipping or receiving the product(most companies won't deliver on Sunday)
    -the product doesn't arrive by ship or is not transported by a ship

    #1287: Cold Facts 29-08-13 at 17:03

    This bet is a NO due to the language in the statement of the bet.

    An analogy would be Ordering a 100" TV from Best buy, and only getting a 50" TV. Then best buy says, "Hey don't worry, we'll send you another 50" TV, because we weren't actually able to find a 100" TV for you"

    Everyone would be happy with that, just like a 400Gh user will likely take a additional hardware to make up for the fact that the device failed to meet specifications.

    But, that doesn't change the language in the statement of the bet.

    #1288: strange creature 29-08-13 at 17:05

    seems like easy money- I know 5 units will be delivered for sure but i don't know how the admin will intepret the conditions (my personal opinion is it isn't to spec) not that i'd care about a few GH when I receive enough units to cover.. but from the point of view of a bet I wouldn't risk unless it's absolutely clear what 'must meet specified performance' entails

    #1289: Cold Facts 29-08-13 at 17:06

    EasiestWinEver -- the language in the statement is specific. -- 5 Forums members have to provide proof of delivery. So 5 units have to be delivered. They also need to provide proof that the specs for the devices were as advertised. They weren't as advertised. The company is being nice by compensating them, but the devices were not to the specs as advertised.

    #1290: G-UNIT WE GETTIN BTC 29-08-13 at 17:07

    if he left out the word "UNIT" maybe we'd be in the clear :))

    #1292: Anonymous 29-08-13 at 17:09

    the sold prducts were "25GH Miner Starter Kit" and "400GH Miner Full Kit". maybe look up from dictionary what a kit means. Maybe 100% customers are satisfied and won't do a refund, this Anonymous haven't clearly ordered anything just FUDding here.

    #1293: Cold Facts 29-08-13 at 17:11


    "400 GH/s unit 400W" -- note that the word says UNIT. As in singular. As in a single closed self-contained device. punin has admitted that a 400Gh unit will fall short until their next round of manufacturing where they fix hardware and firmware issues. Bitfury has done a great job, but still fell just short of advertised specs. The bet is therefore a no.

    #1294: when 1 become 2 29-08-13 at 17:12

    but a kit takes max 16 boards, turning a unit into units..

    which makes a 400gh/s unit non existant

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    #1296: Cold Facts 29-08-13 at 17:15

    That is correct. The hardware cannot support 400Gh/s in a single unit/kit/device.

    Therefore they have missed advertised specs. --- However, I would like to say I think they are doing a good job of compensating customers for their failure. -- But that does not change the fact that due to the language in the statement, the bet is a no.

    #1298: Anonymous 29-08-13 at 17:21

    400 Ghash unit = 400 ghash kit. Advertised performance for the kit: 400 ghash at 400 watts. A customer receives 400 ghash which eat less than 400 watts. What is the problem here?

    #1301: Cold Facts 29-08-13 at 19:06

    A 400Gh unit is advertised as , as per bitfurystrikesback.com
    "1 Master board
    16 hashing boards with 16 Bitfury 55nm ASIC chips for total of 256 chips" -- If they have to ship anymore hardware then this, they have missed performance specs. -- Fact.

    #1303: Anonymous 29-08-13 at 19:36


    #1305: Cold Facts 29-08-13 at 19:48

    This pastebin link doesn't address the language of the statement above.

    It says it must meet advertised performance. That means a UNIT but be at Least 400GH AND under 400W.

    A 400Gh unit is advertised as , as per bitfurystrikesback.com "1 Master board 16 hashing boards with 16 Bitfury 55nm ASIC chips for total of 256 chips" -- If they have to ship anymore hardware then this, they have missed performance specs.

    The genesisblock article is pretty clear that the 400Gh unit slightly underperforms. It is nice that bitfury is offering a refund or more hardware to compensate, but due to the langugage of the bet, which is what counts, because thats what people base their bets on, they missed performance numbers.

    Not all of the elements of the bet statement were met. All elements need to be met for a yes.


    #1312: Nynomous 30-08-13 at 06:43

    I call this bet to be nullified because of unclear outcome.

    #1313: Anonymous 30-08-13 at 07:12

    How is it unclear? The customer orders 25gh kit or 400gh kit. The customer is 100% satisfied because he gets the order in time and it's performing (1 W/GH max) as promised. The customer gets the hashrate he ordered so it's performing 100% as promised. Just the thing here the 400 gh unit is splitted in 2 m-boards and a few more h-boards due to the underperformance of h-cards. So they failed in how the miner looks... But the performance promise is absolutely met.

    #1314: Anonymous 30-08-13 at 07:20

    It's only semantics do you want to call the things customers bought as units, kits or miners. The bet after all is about _Bitfury EU August orders will ship before 1st September 2013_.

    #1316: Anonymous 30-08-13 at 11:44

    It looks like to me, that all conditions of the bet were not met.

    If the bet only said "Shipped by september 1" and nothing else, it would be a YES.

    However, since the bet specified that the unit must perform as advertised --and it did not -- the bet is a no.

    If they ship more hardware to make up for the fact that it did not meet performance as advertised, thats good customer service, but it is equivalent to a refund for missing performance targets.

    The bet is a no.

    #1318: Anonymous 30-08-13 at 11:58

    The 100inch/50inch example earlier is nonsense: screen size is not fungible in the sense hashing is fungible.

    #1319: Anonymous 30-08-13 at 12:14

    1) As per the words on the bet - the UNIT performance must be as advertised. 2) As per bitfurystrikesback.com A 400GH unit is "1 Master board 16 hashing boards with 16 Bitfury 55nm ASIC chips for total of 256 chips" 3) The unit as advertised did not meet performance targets.
    4) Any discussion regarding the fact that they make up for this by sending more hardware is contrary to the language in the bet.
    5) Because Words.

    #1320: Anonymous 30-08-13 at 12:36

    They had to put more hardware for the unit to get up to performance specs (400 ghash minimum hashing power and <400 watts power usage for the 400gh unit).
    Same with 25gh unit. This is all because of h-cards are underperforming (mostly because of the factory build quality).
    The 25gh or 400gh unit therefore does meet the spec (for the performance part but not for the hardware part since they had to add more hardware). The bet only requires promised performance to be atleast as good as promised.
    They made the meet the spec by adding more h-cards in to the units.
    The performance of the units (25gh and 400gh) is met even with this added hardware (they though they can make a 400gh unit with 16 h-boards but it takes 18).

    #1321: Anonymous 30-08-13 at 12:50

    I understand that bitfury is doing its best to make customers happy for underperforming hardware -- and thats great. But Thats not what the bet says. You have to understand that people placed NO bets only by reading the words on the actual bet itself.

    1) As per the words on the bet - the UNIT performance must be as advertised. 2) As per bitfurystrikesback.com A 400GH unit is "1 Master board 16 hashing boards with 16 Bitfury 55nm ASIC chips for total of 256 chips" 3) The unit as advertised did not meet performance targets.

    #1322: Federal 30-08-13 at 13:21

    I also call this bet to be nullified. Too unclear to call.

    #1325: Anonymous 30-08-13 at 13:48

    I don't think nullification is an option, unless all participants somehow agreed to it.

    #1326: 3rd party 30-08-13 at 14:06

    I suggest this to be settled by a vote by the whole bitcointalk community. With a thread started to settle this.

    #1327: Anonymous 30-08-13 at 15:33

    Since when is the communion of retards to be involved in Bitcoin decisions? Ne ultra crepidam, bitches.

    #1328: Butts 30-08-13 at 16:07

    If you bet on it, why didn't you notice the terms were "unclear" at that time?

    And if you didn't bet on it, why do you care?

    #1329: Bitbet 30-08-13 at 16:49

    It is ok that Bitbet community is concerned about the quality of the service.

    #1331: Anonymous 30-08-13 at 18:24

    BitBet community, bitcointalk community, everything's a community.